23 November 2017

Lazada Online Revolution Blogger Contest

Hey guys. It has been awhile since my last post. I am so busy with my research right now. I already pursue my study, yay!

I got an email from Lazada about Online Revolution Blogger Contest. So, I take this opportunity to join the contest and hopefully will be selected as one of the winners. Hey, you guys can also join the contest, the number of prizes will increase depending on the number of participants.

How to join?

You can click the following link and follow all the steps.

Here the answers to the questions:-

a.  Do you remember the first product that you ever purchased online? What was it and how was your experience?
I do remember the very first product that I purchased online. That was around 2014 in the middle of my Asasi (Foundation in Science) in UiTM Puncak Alam. I bought two shirts from an Instagram account (sweet17house) if I was not mistaken. The price of the shirts is about RM35 per shirt maybe 🤔. I did not satisfied with the product because one of the shirts was too small and the other one was not the same as stated.

b. Which types of products would you prefer buying online?
The types of products that I prefer buying are more to electronics or accessories. This kind of products are much cheaper compare to the store and the quality also is good. I have several experiences buying iron, handphones etc. online. So far so good. Hehe.

c.  What do you love about online shopping?
The things that I love about online shopping is you just choose and pay through your phone and the item arrives at your door. Yeay! The feeling is like you got something from someone but actually, it is not. Haha. Most of the online stores nowadays provide free shipping, who doesn’t love free shipping, tell me tell me 😜.

d. Which products did you buy or are you planning to buy on Lazada during the Online Revolution sales?
I am planning to buy a garment rack. You know everyday is raining and I have no place to hang my clothes. Since the price is affordable for me, I will buy one soon.

Online Revolution will take place from 11 November to 14 December 2017. This is the right time for all of us to purchase online and of course, there are lots of sale and promotion. Visit the Lazada page right now or just click the banner above!

Depending on the overall number of participants there will be either 25, 50, 80 or 111 winners:

1. Less than 200 Participants (25 winners)
1st Prize: 1 x RM300 voucher
2nd Prize: 9 x RM150 vouchers
3rd Prize: 15 x RM100 vouchers

2. More than 200 Participants (50 winners)
1st Prize: 1 x RM500 voucher
2nd Prize: 15 x RM150 vouchers
3rd Prize: 34 x RM100 vouchers

3. More than 350 Participants (80 winners) 
1st Prize: 1 x RM750 voucher
2nd Prize: 35 x RM150 vouchers
3rd Prize: 44 x RM100 vouchers

4. More than 500 Participants (111 winners) 
1st Prize: 1 x RM1,000 voucher
2nd Prize: 50 x RM150 vouchers
3rd Prize: 60 x RM100 vouchers

Hurry up and join the contest.

Last date for entry submission: 14 December 2017

See you guys soon!


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