28 July 2016

Long Time No See

Hey there.

Picture from buzzfeed.

It's been a while since my last post.

I wish I could update my blog everyday and blogwalk all the time.

Wow! blogger can unfollow and block people eh nowadays.

Well, I'm getting busy day by day since I'll face my final year as a student soon.

For now, I'm doing my internship. Wish me all the best guys!

Till we meet again.

29 April 2016

Things will never be the same.

Update on my life:

Lately, my heart is sick.
I'm tired of people around me.
All I can say is "Wow! You're so fake. Totally fake."
Or maybe they are "blur"?
Blur to the point that they could hurt anyone around them.

So, I told this to myself.
"Chill.." There are no such things in this world,
that could always satisfy myself.

People change.
So, just forgive them and continue my life.

Let's gather some strength to go through this life.

And if we are getting back together,
Things will never be the same.