22 September 2017

Beauty haul from Korea

Hello guys.

It has been a while since I shared about makeup and skincare. It took some time to publish this post because I was so lazy to edit the picture. A post without a picture is no fun 😜.

About 3 weeks ago, my sister asked me to help her buy some makeup and skincare from Althea (She always asked me to do everything huh). She just screenshot the picture of the product and gave me money, I need to complete all of her order. As you already know (or don't), Althea will give free shipping if the order above RM99 so I picked a few products to get the free shipping (since my sister just ordered 2 items and they were below RM99).

*I think everyone already knows what is Althea so there's no need for me to explain more. Hehe. Althea is one of the websites that sell Korean makeup & skincare and it is my favourite online shopping website, of course.

Here the list of items that I choose:-

  • BOOMDEAHDAH Everyday Mask Pomegranate (RM2)
  • BOOMDEAHDAH Everyday Mask Berry (RM2)
  • It's My Skin Mask  #03 Charcoal (RM3.70)
  • Missha The Style 4D Mascara (RM16)
  • COC Eye Contact Single Eye Shadow #1 Caramel Toast (RM10)
  • COC Eye Contact Single Eye Shadow #6 Paprika (RM10)
  • Chica Y Chico Matt Cushion #23 (RM62)
  • It's Skin Power 10 Formula WH Effector (RM30)

All items above are mine except the last two, they belong to my sister. All of them are the cheapest and I like cheap items. Hehe 😂. I suggested the Chica Y Chico Matt Cushion to my sister. I already have one, bought it about 3 months ago. It was so good in controlling my oily skin all day. You can read my previous post if you interested in how it looks and the price was cheaper back then. Hehe. Here the link:


I am not yet trying out the items. The good reviews lead me to buy the products. The reviews on the website really help me to choose or not to choose the item. The COC Eye Shadow was recommended by my best friend, so I just wanna give it a try!

The first product that I bought from Althea is Secret Key Miracle Fit Contour Stick. I bought three different shades of them. I did regret after a few months LOL. Not because the product was not good, I rarely contour my face (I never did that before), tak tahu kenapa beli masa ni tetiba dapat duit terus membazir.

I did my second purchased in Ramadan, the link that I shared before it was my second time buying from Althea. I got RM15 off coupon so I asked my friends to join the next order so that I can get the free shipping. Hehe. Aha! It was my third purchased 😝. Later on, I did collect the order from my friends and once again, that was my fourth purchase. So basically this is my fifth purchase from Althea. (Dah terjebak dengan makeup, tapi setiap kali beli tu aku punya barang sikit je, hehe).

Here the list of products that I bought:-

  • Secret Key Miracle Fit Contour Stick (01,03,04) RM29 each
  • It's My Brush & Puff - It's My Sponge 20 units RM5
  • It's My Brush & Puff - It's My Blending Shadow Brush RM7
  • It's My Brush & Puff - It's My Contour Brush RM15
  • Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder RM19
  • Abbamart 4 Ur Eyes Primer & Brightner RM36

I forgot to include the 20 units of It's My Sponge in the picture above so I take it separately. It is really worth to buy, RM5 for 20 units of sponge (comes in 2 different shapes). The sponge is so smooth and easy to clean. I give it some to my best friends 😉.

The purpose of this post is to sum up all of the products that I bought from Althea Korea. If you interested in any product, comment down below and I will give a short review about it.

That's all from me. Thank you 💐.

20 September 2017


Hello guys.

Jom join giveaway 😉

Tarikh tutup penyertaan 30 September 2017

Jumpa lagi 😁

19 September 2017

Tried and Tasted: Coolblog Cendol Durian Smoothie

Hello guys.

Dah agak lama aku tak beli air di Coolblog. First time kenal Coolblog ni zaman asasi dulu-dulu. Itu pun sebab kedai dia dalam universiti. Itulah kali pertama aku tahu mengenai kewujudan Coolblog. Hahaa (So jakun right?). Masa tu kat kampung aku takda lagi Coolblog.

Menu pertama yang aku order masa tu banana ice blended + black pearl. Ini pun aku terbeli sebab kawan yang ajak. Masa tu harga lebih kurang RM3 lebih. Dua hari lepas aku bosan kat rumah so petang tu aku keluar pergi Coolblog. Before tu aku ternampak orang tweet menu baru Coolblog 😂.

Masa ternampak tweet tu terus rasa teringin nak Coco Yam Pulut Smoothie tu. Tapi bila dah sampai sana, macam mana entah aku boleh order Cendol Durian Smoothie dan Cendol Coconut 😅. Aku beli dua, satu untuk ibu. Boleh tahan lama aku tunggu pekerja tu siapkan order, padahal takda orang pun masa tu. Oh ya total dua air tu semua RM14. 

Aku dah berniat Cendol Durian Smoothie tu untuk ibu. Tapi sebab rupa dia lebih kurang, aku terminum Cendol Durian Smoothie. Rasa dia not bad la, sedap je. Aku boleh bagi 6/10 sebab bukan guna durian original so rasa dia tak cukup kick.

Cendol Coconut lagi satu aku tak sempat ambil gambar sebab abang dah habiskan. Ibu tak suka rasa dia dan aku pun tak suka. Kalau guna santan yang original maybe aku akan suka. Nasib baik ada abang yang habiskan kalau tak membazir RM6.50. Aku memang suka cuba benda baru dan ambil risiko 😹.

Lepas ni boleh la cuba menu lain pula tapi tunggu bulan depan. Ini kalau hari-hari aku tak mampu. Tengah broke teruk.

Thanks for reading. See you again! ❤