28 July 2018

Day Trip to Pulau Rhu, Besut, Terengganu (Rhu Island)

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys!

I write a lot of post in advance so that I can publish them whenever I want. Here it is, a day trip to Rhu Island located at Besut, Terengganu. First of all, there is nothing special about this island in terms of accommodation or package because this island is human-free! Haha. I mean no one lives here. It is basically an island just for a short trip and snorkelling on a small budget instead of going to Perhentian Island. If you want to bercuti with your family, I suggest just go straight to Perhentian Island.

Kuala Besut is my hometown so whenever I come home, my friends and I will go to Pantai Bukit Keluang. This Bukit Keluang is quite famous for hiking. There are several activities provided such as snorkelling and banana boat, of course, you need to pay for it.

This is actually an unplanned trip for us. We just happen to decide to go to the Rhu Island, ride a boat from Bukit Keluang Beach. This is my first time going there because there is no such service (boat) to go there before this. Basically, you need to pay RM10 for return boat to Rhu Island but because of Hari Raya we need to pay RM17 per person. If you want to ride the banana boat to Rhu Island, it will be around RM15 to RM20 per person. People usually go to Rhu Island because of its Pokok Rhu (Rhu Tree) attraction.

The boat just takes around 10 minutes from Pantai Bukit Keluang to Pulau Rhu. The uncle boat will allow us to take pictures near the cave, take pictures from boat only. We cannot go to the cave because it was flooded with water but I swear the sea water was crystal clear! I always amazed by my own hometown. Hehe. 

 Spot me in the middle!

You can see the cave clearly from here and look at the water!

If you noticed at the back, that is the Rhu tree but too far away and we are so lazy to walk there. Haha.

Remember to always put on your life jacket if you do not know how to swim 🤣 (just like me lol)

I guess that is all for now. Till we meet again in my next post 😉 Thank you.
❤️ Izz

14 July 2018

I officially graduated!

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

It's me again, writing up my blog. I missed my blog so much. I have a lot to share, a lot of halfway draft posts and this is it, one of my old posts. I just happen to have free time today 😜. Actually, I have a lot of lab works to do, but I'm so lazy guys HELP! (End up watching Kdramas, again and again, LOL).

I just wanna put the biggest achievement of my life so far here in my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my story, hehe 😉.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018. I officially graduated in Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Physics at UiTM Jengka, Pahang 🎉🎉🎉. I successfully finish my 3 years of study and manage to graduate on time. I am proud of myself 'cause Physics is so damn susah gila! (Personal opinion, maybe it is not that hard for people who understand it better than me). I share several pictures below during my convocation day 🤩.

*Some of the pictures are a lil bit in low quality because it was shared thru WhatsApp

One with my family. Unfortunately, my father could not make it due to several problems but it's okay, nanti konvo master ayah datang okay 😚

 My beautiful ma 😘
Introducing you, my favourite man 😄

Too much to hold, hehe 😛

The decoration is pretty nice, right? So-jungle vibe 🌳

I didn't hire any professional photographer but I love this picture ❤️

Those who always be there for me 💕

I am currently doing my master. I would like to share my journey so far but I need to manage my time first. (Drop your tips please, how do you manage your time properly). Doakan saya dapat habiskan master dengan jayanya okay?

Thank you.
❤️ Izz