12 September 2015

Novel Review: Chi-Chii the Cat, Xinmei Yu

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

Hey guys. Novel review again. Wohoot! As for today review, it is just a simple story book with doodlings.

Here is the cover of the novel. Such a really cute pocket size novel. The price of the novel is RM19.90. I just can't stand to see the cuteness of the novel. Hehe.

This novel (or more likely a comic) is a true story about how her (the author) first pet entered her life when she was 9.

Doodle pages inside! Such a really nice story. Heeya I added one more novel to my book collections. Don't forget to grab yours too.



  1. assalamualaikum.. lama akak tak singgah sini.. menarik kalau novel bentuk komik macam tu.. takde la bosan nak baca..

  2. salam singgah sabtu.. mesti cepat habis baca novel chichi ni..")

  3. eh ehh comelnye novel ni. eh komik ni. hehehe

  4. jom join GA ni...rm200 menanti anda!!!


  5. satu page satu doodle ea?? cute.. tapi, cepat habis baca la..


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