28 June 2014

Novel : Where Evil Waits

Assalamualaikum and Hi !

Hey guys. Dah lama tak update blog. Hihi. Lama sangat konon. Oke hari ni nak kongsi satu novel yang baru je habis dibaca. Memang best sangat lah. Tersangat best lah. Tak dapat nak digambarkan dengan kata2 dia punya best sangat tu. Kalau nak tahu kena la baca.

Ni lah novelnya. Where Evil Waits by Kate Brady. Kate Brady ni memang terkenal dengan novel2 beliau yang ber-genre romantic suspense. Antara novel2 lain ialah One Scream Away, Last To Die, Where Angels Rest dan yang akan keluar pada winter 2015, Where Danger Hides. So jom baca sinopsis novel ni.

Special prosecutor Kara Chandler is very good at her job - so good that a homicidal mastermind vows to kill her and everyone she cares about. Desperate to save herself and her son, Kara seeks out cartel hit man Luke Varon. The Last time she dealt with Luke, she saw him beat the system and escape prison. But now, the most dangerous man she's ever met is only one who can keep her alive.

Luke Varon isn't who he appears to be. After spending years in the criminal underworld, he seeks redemption... and revenge. Yet when he sees the fear in Kara's eyes, he can't walk away. People around her are being murdered, and only he can help uncover the killer's motive. Now as danger closes in, Kara and Luke most trust each other with their darkest secrets - before the evil in their lives destroys them both."

Don't forget to read Where Evil Waits. Forever love.


  1. wowow, macam best je novel nie. . :D

  2. mesti best ni.. sy ni pun kaki novel jg..tp novel melayu je..hehe

  3. english ke??? erk.... english wan tak berapa pas... huhuhuhu

  4. macam best je sinopsis tu :) insya-Allah akak cari nanti ^^


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