25 December 2013

Thank You Sale !

Hey there people ! You know what, I'm already 18 and there is a person in my life who I admire most. She is such an amazing person and I really grateful of having her in my life. Her name is Miss Syana. She's my bestfriend since we're in highschool. The short relationship between us in school really meaningful for me. Until now, she always be next to me whenever I need someone to share something. She know everythings about me and always give me some advice. Eventhough tears come out from my eyes, I will tell her. She comforts me and I hope this friendship will never end.

Both of us have same hobbies. We love to shopping. We always spend time together especially when there are some sale in mall. Weehuu. We love it ! Everytime we hang out, of course we will take some pictures using our smartphones. 1,2,3 say cheese and smile. Then, upload it on instagram ! Go and check up our pictures on >instagram< !

I remember when her smartphone did not function well. She ask my opinion. She wanted to buy a new tablet. Then, I saw an online advertisement about Year End Sale at a shopping mall near our hometown. We decide to go there and finally she bought the awesome tablet by Samsung. Because of the Year End Sale, the price of the tablet is so affordable.

And of course, a little bit jealous because I want it too ! But I'm grateful because I still can online my Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram anytime and everywhere 'cause I'm using Digi Internet ! As a university student, the Whatsapp Internet Package by Digi is affordable for me. As it only RM5 for 5 days. It's much better than my previous internet plan.

Thank you sale ! Oh, before I forget about it, Digi had an end year promotion. It was Digi Thank You Sale. Digi has promoted some offers. Please grab this opportunity to win such an amazing prizes ! Dream on Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia C ? Get it for free ! Weehuu. Last but not least, Digi now is giving away 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones and I HTC One Smartphone.

For more information, come and visit this web ! Click >here<. See you soon ! Thank you.


  1. eizz..! akak pun baru ritu rasa nak join contest ni.. alih2 dy dh join.. hekhek.. good luck and semoga murah rezeki :)

  2. akak guna UMobile Unlimited Mobile Internet :) guna 30 hari serendah RM 18 :)

  3. Hey....Your best friend sounds like a sweetheart! anyways...This was what I wrote for the contest... http://www.bellanthehooligans.com/my-beautifully-painful-childhood/ feel free to check it out! would love to hear from you!


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