10 January 2016


Hi or hey!

Every woman needs a few pairs of casual shoes to wear when they have no mood to go through the balance of wearing high heels. Whether it is your day off work, vacation or a simple day out, women will definitely love walking on comfortable casual shoes all day long. For the individuals who have no idea on how to pull off casual shoes for women in style, take a look at these three look book ideas and create a stylish appearance everywhere you go.

1. Trendy Chic

This is the most common look a woman can pull off wearing their casual shoes such as     sneakers, flats or loafers. Pull this casual shoe with a nice pair of jeans and basic tee for the simple laid back appearance. This look is perfect for the ladies to flaunt anywhere about town looking trendy chic from head-to-toe. The basic tee and jeans is definitely effortless outfit for any women to step out feeling confident in wearing their casual shoes.  

2. Feminine Flirt

For the ladies who want to feel laid back while maintaining their feminine side can always match their skirts or dresses with a pair of sneakers of flats. You can wear this ensemble on your day out with your friends, a fun date with the special someone or to parties. Show off your innocence with a hint of boyish charm with this look to any place you go.

3. Rugged

Sneakers have always been the go-to shoe for individuals who are aiming to be rough around the edges. Slip a pair of sneakers on with denim shorts and an oversize top for the casual rugged appeal. Besides that, this outfit will definitely make you feel comfortable to move around in while still maintaining a stylish look.       

So which one is your favorite? Have fun while choosing your fashion style.


  1. BV suka kasut so BV suka semua tu la. hheehhee :D

  2. k.ana pon ekceli prefer kasut compare to heels / wedges / flat shoes.
    kasut bertutup ni selesa pakai. kaki pon slmt drpd kekotoran hehe

    pstt~k.ana ni pesen kalo pakai jubah pon sarung kasut converse je kikiki

  3. kalau pakai baju kurung? kekeke


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