29 April 2013

What Kind of Person are You in The Eyes of Your Friend ?


Hei korang ! Hari ni nak ajak korang main game ni. Tapi kena jujur tau. Jangan tipu. Lepas tu drop komen korang, nak tahu korang ni jenis yang macam mane. Hehehe

Caranya mudah je, korang just baca soalan, and jawab 'Yes' or 'No'. Kalau yes ikut step seterusnya. Kalau 'No' pun sama. Ikut je...

Oke. Bersedia ke English Zone. Mulakan !

1- Friends call you "happy-go-lucky"
Yes → Question 2
No → Question 3

2- Enjoy horror movie
Yes → Question 4
No → Question 5

3- You admit your mistakes to friends
Yes → Question 6
No → Question 4 

4- Your friend's mood influence you
Yes → Question 7
No → Question 9 

5- Lots of your friends envy your ability
Yes → Question 10
No → Question 7 

6- Only you can make mistakes, others can't
Yes → Question 8
No → Question 9 

7- Enjoy wasting time even if you have plans
Yes → Question 11
No → Question 9 

8- Act before you think
Yes → Question 10
No → Question 12 

9- Once you've decided something, you will stick with it to the end
Yes → Type C
No → Type D 

10- Spends allowance on clothes
Yes → Type A
No → Type B 

11- Play first, study later
Yes → Type C
No → Type B 

12- When taking a break, you read
Yes → Type D
No → Type A 

Type A - The Optimist
You are cheerful, energetic charming. The place will brighten up whenever you are around. But don't take your friends for granted as they might leave you if you do. During the holidays, invite your friends to do things together to improve relationships. They find your cheerfulness very attractive.

Type B - The Tutor
You are often the person that your friends turn to and you enjoy helping them solve their problems. Otherwise, you have a great sense of humour and improvise according to situations. You are trusted and popular among your friends. You may be rather stubborn and might force your opinion on your friends, or you could learn to accept their opinions, which will make you more attractive in their eyes.

Type C - The Workaholic
No matter yhe challenge, you will work hard to overcome it and you never give up and feel down about it. You have a strong sense of responsibility and will always stick to your promises and fulfil your duties. But your srtaightforward attitude might sometimes offend your friends, but it is also your honesty that makes them enjoy your company.

Type D - The Innocent
You are a person who cries easily over sad movies and when your friends are down, you'll feel sad for them. You are as innocent as a child. But it is your innocence that causes your friends to worry about you. Sometimes, it's better if you tell them how you feel so they can understand you better.

Source : Hye-Jee's Secret Diary


  1. next post buat game macam ni lagi..hehe.. best2..
    kita type C..! hehe..

  2. @Nana Liena Haha. Letih kot taip entri panjang. C ea ? Workaholic. Good2 !

  3. Itew jenis C. workhaholic ? agak laaa :B

  4. @Norhaizam Mustaffa haha..ala dik cpy paste ja..tak payah nak taip2 .hehe.. orang lain dah jawab,adik punya apa? huhu

  5. hehe nothing to say , (D) . maybe i'm always make(=D) so i get (D) ..

  6. @Cik Arina Bagus la. Innocent. Jarang orang macam ni. Hehe


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